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Returns and Exchange (items purchased stores)


1. All items are subject to Return and Exchange except for: Books, Electronics, Software, Video
Games, and Prepaid Cards; unless found with a manufacturing defect.
2. To benefit from return, exchange, and warranty services, original invoice is required.
3. Returns and exchange services are available if products are in their original condition with original
4. Return is within three (3) days and exchange is within seven (7) days of the date of purchase.
5. Promotional item(s) can be returned with the main purchased item if the promotional item is in
original condition when purchased, otherwise promotion price will be deducted.
6. Item(s) purchased using gift certificate, voucher, or credit card cannot be refunded in cash.
7. Accepting shipment from shipping company declares that the shipment (carton) is in good
condition and it is sealed upon receiving.


Immediate Defective Items Replacement


We will replace items with a manufacturing defect (non-software) with a similar item within
three (3) days of purchase date based on following condition:
1. Items must be free of scratches or signs of misuse.
2. Original packaging along with the box, user manuals and accessories must be returned with the
3. A technical report from the Authorized Service Center might be required prior to replacement.


For online orders:


1. The return and exchange period is 7 days calculated from the date of delivery.
2. Return and exchange can be done through any Toys R us store or by contacting us in case there
is no Toys R us store in the city.
3. We will be responsible to refund all paid amounts in case the delivery of goods is delayed for
15 days from the expected delivery date.