The Surprise “Eid Box”!

Eid box is a great gift of joy that contains multiple different surprising toys in each box. It is available for boys and girls at different prices and categories (Basic – Primer – Ultimate).

This Eid will be totally different as you will give your beloved ones the chance to guess their gifts! It is expected to find a doll, or action figure, educational or family games, collectibles, or arts and crafts items.

It’s available for girls and boys & comes in 3 different sizes: Basic Eid Box starts from 399 - 430SAR. Ultimate Eid Box starts from 599 - 630 SAR. Premium Eid Box starts from 799 - 830 SAR.

This box is available for pick up from our stores only in (Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam & Dhahran). For other cities, order available via WhatsApp

(Please note that you might receive your orders late. Shipments are taking longer than usual due to the high demand and pressure on shipping providers these days, stay safe).