Monster Jam car wash

Whew, those Monster Jam trucks sure do get muddy! Good thing you can clean ‘em off at this DIY car wash. Start with a cardboard box big enough for your monster truck to roll on through and get to designing your car wash. Before you know it, your truck will be sparklin’ clean!

What You’ll Need:
cardboard box
felt paper
paper towel tube
hot glue
bubble wrap
4 thin dowels (size depends on width of cardboard box)
Monster Jam truck

Cut felt strips about 1½” wide each. Be sure to keep strips attached at the top, leaving about 2” of felt in tact. Next, cut smaller strips for the car wash rollers. Hot glue the felt onto the paper towel tube.

Parents, cut out the car wash door flap. Cut holes in sides at equal heights and slide in the dowels.

Parents, hot glue the curtains to the dowels and onto the top of the exit door.

Give your car wash a name and you’re ready for customers!

watch how it's done!