no-sew doll carrier

They carry and cuddle their favorite doll from room to room, on car trips and wherever they go. Plan this fun DIY activity to show your little one that you notice how good they care for their baby doll. A soft doll carrier is easy to make and lets kids be hands-free while keeping their doll close to heart.

What You’ll Need:
colored felt
elastic roll
hot glue gun & glue
their favorite doll, like the Cabbage Patch Kids 14” Celebration doll

Parent-only step: Measure and cut two strips of elastic long enough to fit as shoulder straps around child. Cut another piece of elastic wide enough to keep the doll secure.

Design and cut decorations out of felt for the back of the carrier.

Parent-only step: Choose one sheet of felt tall and wide enough for the doll to fit. Hot glue decorations to one side; glue shoulder straps and doll support to the other side.

When glue dries, slip in the doll and it’s ready for happy travels!

watch how it's done!