water blaster races

The kids are ready to get outside and play, so let’s set up this game for a total blast. You know those carnival games where you all line up and aim to get the water in the clown’s mouth? Kind of the same idea here, except we’re going full-blast DIY! Take aim at the cup and let the water do the work. The one who pushes their cup to the finish line first, wins.

PLAY TIP: Using a really long string means players will have to refill before making it to the end. Oh, the competition is on!

What You’ll Need:
string, yarn or twine
water blasters

Ask a parent to cut a hole in the bottom of each cup.

Thread the string through the hole in one cup. Do the same for the next cup.

Find two stable objects to secure the string, like between two trees or a tree and a fence. Tie each end of the player's string to secure it in place.

Set up the cups next to each other. The inside of each cup should face each player and strings should span horizontally from one end to the other.

Players take aim for water blastin' time!

watch how it's done!