Kindi Kids

oh-so-adorable dolls with a whole lot of color and super sweet accessories.

These super colorful and food-themed bobblehead dolls are all about helping preschoolers transition to Kindergarten and engage in imaginative play. Collect all four of the Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends dolls, including Marsha Mello, Donatina, Jessicakes and Peppa-Mint. With removable shoes and changeable clothes, the Kindi Kids can borrow from each other for all new fashions. Each little sweetie comes with her own yummy accessory with surprise features that interact with the Kindi Kids! Little ones looking for their first friend for Kindergarten will love these cute, wobbly dolls.

mix-and-match outfits

Pink, yellow, white and orange. Stripes and solids. Sandals, booties and sneakers, too! Each of the Kindi Kids features an outfit and shoes that can be swapped with other dolls in the series!

magical accessories

The little Kindi Kids sweeties interact with their accessory! Donatina eats her donut cereal, squeeze Marsha Mello’s Babycino and she’ll take a sip. Push Peppa Mint’s scoop into the ice cream for tasty flavors, or feed Jessicake the cherry on top of her cupcake!