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Unleash the magic of SpyX Night Nocs, the ultimate stealth binoculars for your little spy's day and night missions. Illuminate up to 25 feet in the dark and switch between red and white light for the perfect covert experience. Crafted with durability in mind, these binoculars are ready for any mission, bringing endless joy to your junior agent's face as they conquer each task with SpyX Night Nocs. Features: • Explore the dark with clarity - see up to 25 feet away! • Red and white light options for stealthy spy missions. • Durable design built to withstand the toughest missions. Equip your young agent with SpyX Night Nocs for an unparalleled spy adventure! Fuel their imagination, enhance their skills, and make every mission a triumph. Don't miss out on the complete SpyX collection for the ultimate spy play experience!

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Product specifications

Gift WrappingYes
Product nameSPY-X2 - NIGHT NOCS
Item number129593
Age6-8 Years

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