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BOON - Silicone Bottle 4oz Pink

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Introducing the Boon Silicone Bottle in Pink, the perfect feeding solution for your little one. Designed for air-free feeding, its innovative pouch collapses as the baby drinks, reducing the ingestion of air and minimizing gas, reflux, colic, and burps. Modeled after moms, it mimics the natural form and feel, making it easy to latch and encouraging proper tongue positioning. The reusable pouches are easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and made from safe silicone without toxins like BPA and pave. With engaging textures and colors, it stimulates exploration and sensory development. Features: • Air-free feeding with collapsible pouch, reducing gas and discomfort • Modeled after mom for easy latch and proper tongue positioning • Reusable pouches for value and less waste, dishwasher-safe • Made from safe silicone, free from toxins like BPA and pave • Engaging textures and colors for sensory stimulation and exploration Experience hassle-free feeding with the Boon Silicone Bottle in Pink. Order

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Product specifications

Gift WrappingYes
Product nameBOON - Silicone Bottle 4oz Pink
Item number510532
Age0-18 Months
Online Searchبون - زجاجة سيليكون 4 اونصة وردي


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